Friday, March 16, 2007

Kim as Statute

Probably out of jealousy, or maybe from pity, I decided to become one more Roman statute.

Jealousy since I haven't made it to the ranks of stone, and pity because the stump looked sad having nothing to hold up.

As you can imagine, my pose was precarious and the next moment I was on the ground. Luckily my photographer missed that shot.

We finally got to the point in our baby sitting saga where we decided that Jasper was the one who was sitting us, or more accurately, had decided that he be pushed in his stroller from one Roman park to another. He did not want to spend any time entertaining himself.

Exhausted from two long trips to different parks in one day, we sat him on the floor with his toys and told him to play. He decided instead to cry...and cry...and cry.

Eventually his father came home and consoled him. I guess today it is back to the parks.