Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Line in the Sand

We draw a line
in the sand
when we won't go

any further toward
acknowledging someone else's
perspective or needs.

We say we've reached our limit,
but really
we mean that preserving

our stuff is
more important
than is connecting with another.

On the other hand,
the wisest is the sand herself,
who sleepishly lays down

all day long,
and connects all
the grains on

one side of the
with the other.

Too Tired

Eighteen minutes until midnight
and too tired to write a
poem tonight.

I won't tell about having
my teeth cleaned today,
or about the Thai salad

for lunch that had much too
much garlic, or the shoe
store that wanted $20

to shine my shoes, or
$3.50 for a pair of
shoe laces,

or even the crazy people
at work who did this
or that,

not to mention the wonderful
celebration tonight
and gifts of glass

and a neat book
about how everything
works. No, I'll

leave all that for
another day, when
there is more time

to hone and nurture
or nurture and hone
all these words into