Sunday, March 18, 2007

Walt Disney

As I understand it, Walt Disney's goal was simply to make people happy. Coming from two world wars, what else matched Walt's creations in the way that they gave us a glimmer of hope.

I am much better at playing now than I was as a kid. I remember watching the kids next store playing cowboys and Indians, and I couldn't imagine myself as either. I was me.

Now I play with doing things like stapling, cutting, painting, drawing, or writing. Even walking is good, but I'm not a great fan of fantasy.

I guess it is because the infinite realm of possibilities is overwhelming, and because reality is so much more interesting too me. I'd rather read non-fiction than fiction for the same reason, though sometimes fiction is really the best way to communicate about the real world.

You'd think (after all this) that I'd go to Disneyland if given the opportunity. No, I'd only go if I could take a little kid. I staying in a hotel across the street and never had the slightest inkling to go. But for a kid——to watch a kid laugh——that would be worth it.