Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Noam Chomsky and William Glasser

Chomsky regretted writing
the intro for a book
denying the Holocaust,

not because he didn't believe
in freedom of speech,
but because certain subjects

are so hot that people can't
be reasonable about them.
There are a host of those subjects,

from mentioning the KKK
to a southerner, to, geeze (definition #4),
I better not say any more.

William Glasser said that
we know how to get along
with our friends
but not our family.

He said we don't criticize
our friends because then
they wouldn't like us.

I wonder
if we also don't mention
all those sacred cows as well,

like how much money they lost
on bad investments, whether they
believe in the best God,

and whether they
really follow each of the
ten commandments.