Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hooking Augusta

(Start 07/18/07)

Dusty decided she would need to decide between Augusta, who might never come to see her, and Softy, who, in her mind, was dead.

Neither of these guys were “a bird in the hand” but Augusta would be more likely to come knowing than Softy (she thought). So that’s one for Augusta.

On the other hand, she had many fine years with Softy, even if they didn’t always see eye to eye. The many fine years constituted one for Softy.

But they didn’t see eye to eye. She remembered that Softy liked things clean, and she liked things dirty. Augusta, on the other hand, was starting to find a place in his heart for the bunnies. Score one for Augusta.

Now that Softy was older, he might change. He might be more tolerant. Score one for Softy.

But, sometimes older people are less likely to change. Score one for Augusta who had already indicated that he is a changer.

Dusty remembered that Softy was dead. That has got to count minus two.

But both snored the same, so they are even on that account.

Looks like Augusta won, she thought. The next challenge was to get Augusta back in the house, without appearing two forward.

She didn’t know quite what to do, though she saw out of the corner of her eye a hat that had fallen off the end table. She over to it and realized it was Augusta’s. “An opportunity,” she thought.

She could take it to him, but she didn’t have a car, and she might have to leave it for him and then she’d never see him, and that would be a lost opportunity.

No, she’d write him a letter. But she didn’t have any stamps. Oh, she had a idea to get it to him.

But first, the letter:
My dear Augusta,

Thank you so much for respecting the wishes of the bunnies and allowing them to continue to exist on this planet. They, and in turn, I, are forever indebted to you.

You left your hat here and I would return it but I don’t have a car and I don’t know where you live and if I went to the station house I might miss you. Please come by the house at your earliest convenience and get your hat.

She put Augusta’s name on the envelope as both the sender and the receiver. That way, if the letter were sent without a stamp it would go to the return address.

Much admiration,

CEO, Dust Bunny World