Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Augusta Leaves

(Start 7/18/07)

After hiding all the bunnies, Augusta and Dusty went to one of the windows and watched the crew clear the log from the road. The saws had quickly cut it up into pieces that a man (built like Paul Bunyan) could lift. The crew had backed up one of the Hummers to the log and was filling it up with logs.

It wouldn’t be long before the road would be clear and Augusta would be leaving with the other men. The bunnies were safe, and a relationship was brewing between the Dusty and Augusta.

“Oh, Augusta, I so appreciate your help in saving my friends. To what do I owe this change of heart.”

“I saw how much you like them, and you have shown me that, though they are not exactly domesticated, the bunnies are up to no harm.”

“Augusta, I would like you to come back to visit. Will you do that?”

“I would like that, but I have a very important job. I do not know if time will permit.”

“But you must find time. My friends told me, while you were sleeping, that they would very much like see you again.”

By this time, the road was clear and the Hummers started rolling toward the house. Augusta knew if would be better if he went outside and diverted the ambush. He gave Dusty a peck on the cheek, waved goodbye to some of the bunnies that were hiding behind the sofa, and went out to meet the cleaning team.

“Augusta,” one of the men cried out, “we’ve been worried about you with the crazy woman. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I am fine. She’s not so bad. Even made me coffee in the morning.”

“Do we need to come in and clean up?”

“No, I took care of them. I think we can leave Dusty alone.”

“Okay. Let’s get rolling. There is much more work we have to do today. The log really set us back. The boss is fuming he is so mad that what was supposed to be an easy sweep turned out to take so long.”

Augusta and the rest of the cleaning crew took off, as tears once again rolled down Dusty’s eyes. What started as one of the worst days of her life ended as one of the best.

Dusty started to remember how nice it was to hear Augusta snore. And then she remembered Softy and more tears came to her cheeks. She wondered if he was watching her from the other world.