Monday, April 2, 2007


All weekend I worked
on taxes, between blogging,
that is.

Actually I hired someone
to help because it
takes me forever to

do jobs I hate.
Did you know that we work
almost half of the year for Uncle Sam?

Then he/she takes our money
and spends it
as he/she sees fit.

Ideally the money is
well-spent, uprooting
social injustices and

creating a safe and efficient
country for all.
It is amazing to me,

with the amount of expenditures
Uncle Sam makes, that
we aren't all in a soup line.

Not that I don't like soup,
but could the billions that
are being spent to wipe out

a middle eastern culture be
better spent returned
to our citizens?

Having said that,
as the expression goes,
it is easy to take shots

from the peanut gallery.
Ideally we learn as much
as we can about a situation,

and still we can't know all.
Perhaps the way to world peace
is to methodically eradicate the

world's population. Perhaps
the government knows best
what I should eat for breakfast.

And perhaps, when we say grace tonight,
we should thank Uncle Sam
for the food we have

on our table,
and the roof we have,
over our heads.