Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Try

Eliza has made a resolution not to give up too easily. She recognized immediately a number of problems that would be the result of leaving Madonna's home. For one, it would be harder to face Madonna in the future, and for another, she'd have to explain to her husband where $150 had been spent. He might throw her out as well.

She remembered a movie she had seen about a civil rights march and decided to just simple lay on the ground limp. Madonna would have to figure some new strategy to deal with the woman who stole her only son.

"Eliza, you can't just lay there on my floor. I need to get the house ready for my bridge club."

"Madonna, I'm going lay here on the floor until you try the pillow."

"Eliza, there is no way that I'll put my head on a $149 pillow."

"That is your choice Madonna."

"If I put my head on the pillow I might stain it with my hair spray and then you'll tell me that I have to buy it."

"No. This particular pillow is the one I bought. Should you decide to buy one, it will be a brand spanking new one."

"Ok, then, I'll lay my head on the pillow if you'll promise to leave before my friends come over."

Madonna grabs the pillow and throws in onto the couch. You could almost hear the pillow shreak she threw it so hard. Then she laid her head on the pillow for a millisecond, and then threw the pillow back at Eliza."

"Ok, Eliza, I tried the pillow and it is terrible."

"You didn't close your eyes and relax."

"I don't have time to relax."

"And I don't have time to leave," Eliza said, "put the pillow under your head and close your eyes and count to 100. Then I'll leave."


"Yes, I promise."