Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dusty Throws Herself in front of the Door

(Please start reading from 7/18/07)

“Look at that, officer. The lightning hit the tree and now the cleaning crew can’t come here,” Dusty said.

“Yea, and it will be awhile before the chain saw crew can cut up the tree and throw the logs down the ravine.”

“Perhaps “we” ought to use this opportunity to learn more about the life of dust bunnies. Did you know that animals are treated differently in different countries? For example, in India cows are sacred.”

“But the question is whether the “bunnies” are actually animals at all, and if so, are they domesticated pets.” the officer contributed to Dusty's lecture.

“But officer, perhaps there is another question that we should be discussing as well. Does everyone have to be the same? Do we all need to conform to your standards? Am I hurting anyone by being a sanctuary for my fair hairy friends? And would a moral creature like yourself pride himself in enforcing a law that was short sighted?”

At that the hairs on the officer’s neck bristled. He had grown up believing that because he wanted to be a cop and wanted to uphold the law he was a good person. Here was this poor excuse for a woman telling him that he was not as moral as he had believed.

And now the cognac (with additive) was wearing off. The afternoon sun was beating down on the dark roof of the house and it was starting to get warm.

“Can you open some of the windows,” the officer said.

“Sorry, sir, but they are all painted shut,” said Dusty with a smirk on her face.

“Ok, I’ll just prop open the door,” the officer said as he started to go towards it.

Dusty threw herself on the floor in front of the door and heroically said, “you’ll have to step on me first before you open that door and disturb my friends.”