Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Good Book (Culture Shock)

At the Chagall exhibit in Rome,
a docent was lecturing to
a group of Italian kids,

who couldn't get close enough
or eat more of the words
from her energetic mouth.

Some religiously jotted
notes as she enthusiastically
talked about the masterpiece.

Plop, a few days later,
I land in the Atlanta airport, walking
by an impassioned print by Howard Finster

but soon am (sadly) assaulted by
a noisy/smelly world of fast food and
sickly and puffy looking young and old

and CNN comes on about
the 250 lb 7 year old that might
be taken away from his mom

because she's not feeding

and I am overwhelmed (and depressed)
by how far we are from
educating our youth

and I talk to my wife (and daughter)
about starting a school for infants
(and their parents)

and then I see one shimmer
of hope, one young, good looking kid,
oblivious to the noise/smell,

CNN on the 250 lb 7 year old
and how Anne Nicole Smith

a kid who has escaped a 2007
"wasteland" into the throws
of a good book.