Thursday, May 10, 2007


Rush, rush, rush,
Alarm at six,
treadmill at six-thirty,

shower at seven
eight am breakfast,
meeting at ten

lunch at twelve
quick conversations
with a host of people

email for forty-five
minutes then off to
another meeting across

town at three, a
quick hallway conversation
at four, and back to

the meeting until four fifteen
then another hallway conversation
and a quick view of an

art exhibit, but not the
one I expected, then email
for five minutes, followed

by a slow drive home
stopping at the grocery,
getting hungrier by the

minute, calling from cell
phone to Thai restaurant,
going to their drive thru

to pick up dinner, then
come home, let the dogs
out, email, tired as a dog,

sleep for a few minutes,
and then work on the drawing
after taking

three phone calls and
talking to my wife
who came back early

because she had
forgotten something.