Tuesday, March 20, 2007


50 years ago I drew
Alfred in the margin
of my notes.

I was supposed to be
taking notes, something
I never learned to do.

Except in one class,
where the teacher
wrote the notes on the board.

Ben sat behind me and
drew Abe Lincoln or George
Washington—I can't remember.

He was the real artist and still
is. I was a "wantabe." I just
would have to learn to draw George or Abe.

I don't think my guy that I drew had a name
at first. But in French class, around the same
time, I learned that Kim was not a good name.

Bruce whispered to me "Alfred" and that became
my name in French class, and the name of my
guy, whom I've drawn for 50 years.

My high school art teacher laughed at my
funny drawings. I did one of a sadistic cow
and Alfred. He laughed and put it up in the hall.

He said that I could learn to draw.
In college, Mr. Savage said, anyone can
learn to draw, anyone, that is, except Kim.

My father could draw, and my wife
and son can draw. I think Alfred would
just look like Abe or George if I could draw.

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