Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 1

I asked my wife
if the refrigerator was running
(hoping I could say,

"better catch it. April fools!")
but she knew that one,
and simple said, is it April 1?

I probably should have thought of
something better, like we
got a call from the zoo

and Mrs. Lion would like
to see her tomorrow,
or any of the other myriad classics.

On this one day we can
be kids again, and live in
that special world where

we try to fool
the other guy, just for fun.
As a kid, my friend and I

used to tell each other
stupendous stories about
something that recently

may have happened to us. The
goal was to get the other
to believe our stories.

Here's some timely ones
for this
April 1:

The war in Iraq ended today.
George Bush announced he'll
support Hillary for president,

God is proved dead,
Walmart decides to double wages,
and Social Security finds

a large stash of money so they
will never go broke.
Oh, the IRS closes down,

CEO salaries will be limited by law
to 1.5x that of the lowest employee in their company,
and only same sex marriages will

be sanctioned
by congress.
April Fools!

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