Thursday, April 12, 2007

Still Sick

Still have the classic cold
stuffed head, runny nose,
cough, fever.

With all the poems
already in the world
if I was a decent humanoid

i'd sit out this one and
give my muses a rest.
But what happens to

a poem if it isn't writ
and instead ls silenced
by one thing or another.

1 comment:

pops said...

that is a great question. just think of all the poetry that is stuffed away because of one thing or another.

think about all of the poems written that never should have been. Think about all the poetry traveling between cars, people and buildings. what really happens if the words never stick?

what ever happened to the poem i wrote tens years ago sitting under the leaning tower? it must be out there somewhere. Maybe tangled with a wave over the Atlantic trying to find its voice so it can be complete.